It’s Our Future is a project that will equip young leaders in Oak Park/River Forest to advocate for climate change solutions that benefit all members of our community. It’s Our Future is developed by Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) in collaboration with community partners. We cherish diversity and inclusion as assets and strive to make a collective impact.

We’re thrilled that five IOF students will be attending COP26 – the UN Climate Conference – in Glasgow this year. We encourage you to follow the IOF Instagram and Facebook pages to follow the latest updates from the conference. And be sure to check out the livestream with our students, hosted by our friends at the One Earth Film Festival, on November 4th!


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Learn from our trained Climate Reality Leaders

It’s Our Future has two trained Climate Reality Project leaders that can inspire action for climate solutions in the Oak Park River Forest community and beyond. Jelena and Lizzie, both high school juniors from Oak Park, begin the presentation by telling their own stories about becoming climate activists and end by inspiring their audiences to take action. 

Presentations take courage, commitment, and passion and Jelena and Lizzie are enthusiastic about providing your audience with tools and knowledge towards climate crisis solutions.

Events are anywhere from 15 – 45 mins in length via Zoom and time for additional Q&A can be arranged. Presentations can be adapted to suit a wide range of age groups.

These inspiring leaders join advocates working for climate solutions in over 100 countries worldwide. Contact us today for more information:

Oak Park River Forest High School’s online newspaper, The Trapeze, published ‘Continuing the fight for our climate’ by Lizzie Short HERE.

Watch how we educate, engage and empower Oak Park/River Forest high school aged leaders 

Making change in communities

It’s Our Future is calling for change, using the online petition platform to advocate for opt-out composting in Oak Park and River Forest. The youth-led group is trying to collect 500 signatures from residents and plans to bring the issue before the boards of both villages.

Part of the petition states: “Less than 20% of households take advantage of this opportunity to help the Earth and it would be much more beneficial if more people took part in it. When food waste and other items that can be composted are sent to landfills, they can create methane because there isn’t access to oxygen.”


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It’s Our Future in Madrid, 2019

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