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Mission Activation: Accomplished

By IOF Program Manger, Rachel Rosner “Isn’t it ironic that you’re flying all the way to Dubai for a Climate Conference?”  This is a question often heard by those who attended the UN Climate Conference (COP28) as part of It’s Our Future (IOF).  And I can tell you, the answer is no. The youth delegates […]

At COP28, Youth Mental Health Panel High... By IOF Program Manager, Rachel Rosner On December 8th, IOF youth were a panel at the UN Climate Conference, in the Climate Live Pavilion, entitled Anxiety, Apathy and Action: Youth Mental Health in the face of Climate Disaster, moderated by Maiana Nelson who started with a grounding exercise which truly brought the audience in. […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Maiana Nelson

By IOF student, Maiana Nelson It was so nice to finally have a rest day to catch up on sleep and enjoy being a tourist for the day in Dubai! But so far, here are some highlights from my week: At COP28 I’ve been focused on learning more about sustainable food systems and the role […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Natasha Bhatia

By IOF student, Natasha Bhatia Hello all from Dubai! Today was the last day for all of us at the COP28 conference, and so it was the final day in the Blue Zone for Maia, Kate, Danica, and myself. We had a chaotic but amazing last day, and I’ll share highlights from our day below! […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Danica Sun

The youth at the senate staff meeting getting together for a group pic featuring a few of the senate staffers as well. Pre-Trigg Talley Meeting Tasha & I were featured on the Children & Youth Pavilion Instagram! Youth at the climate education mixer participating in our social media campaign Climate Anxiety Panel! By IOF student, […]

COP28 Dispatch from Gary: Day 6 By SGA Executive Director, Gary Cuneen COP28 – Day 6 Let’s start by addressing COP28 President Al Jaber’s comment that phasing out fossil fuels is fine if people want to “go back to living in caves”. Aside from the immaturity of such a public comment for a person in his position, at least the […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Katie Stabb

By IOF student, Katie Stabb For me, the best part of the whirlwind that is COP28 has been talking to anyone I can, because everyone is so passionate about climate and about what they do. This morning we attended a negotiation – SBI Agenda Item 19, Matters Relating to Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE). They […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Avery Smith

By IOF student, Avery Smith Today was even more eventful – and tiring – than yesterday. Interviews alone were fascinating, between the elder of Canadian first nations tribe to the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, to a climate finance researcher from India, to a protesting Pikachu! The highlight of my day, however, […]

COP28 Youth Dispatch: Kate Wallace

By IOF student, Kate Wallace Greetings from Dubai! After almost 24 hours of travel, we made it to the United Arab Emirates and woke up bright and early this morning to embark on our first day of COP 28. On our drive to the venue we rode through open desert – a scene quickly replaced […]

COP28 Dispatch from Gary: Day 5 By SGA Executive Director, Gary Cuneen COP28 – Day 5 Thrilled again to see our 6 youth – Avery, Tasha, Katie, Kate, Maiana and Danica – thrive so much and exhibit great poise and leadership at COP28. See a video clip (above) of a session they led on climate education and climate justice. Avery […]