"In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation."
- Great Law of the Iroquois


Founded in 2001, Seven Generations Ahead’s mission is to build ecologically sustainable and healthy communities.

Our Work

SGA works with local government, community and private sector leaders to help communities make the changes they need to build a healthy and sustainable future. Through community-wide sustainability planning and implementation, project design and implementation, educational conferences and forums, community network development, consulting, and programs, SGA is a catalyst for local community solutions to global environmental issues. SGA’s work covers a broad range of sustainability topic areas, including: energy efficiency and renewable energy; transportation; healthy community development; waste reduction; water conservation; green business; procurement; local, sustainable food; healthy eating; open space and ecosystem enhancement; and sustainability education.

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Past projects

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Big Idea Prizewinner

SGA is proud to announce that It’s Our Future was the Big Idea winner at this year’s event! We look forward to getting this project off the ground and helping mobilize…

Fall Interns bring a wealth of experiences to SGA

Ashley Marinko fashions a career in environmental sustainability An interest in fashion led Ashley Marinko, who had long been passionate about the environment, to become involved in sustainability work. While…