Welcome to It’s Our Future‘s Resource Guide!
Students members of It’s Our Future (IOF) have developed this step-by-step resource guide to help others on their environmental journey, from the basics to policy changes in schools and everything in between. IOF students have helped to pass climate policies in 3 school districts, and have created this resource guide so you can, too!
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Meet the students who created the IOF Resource Guide!

Ritvi K.

I am the President of Hinsdale Central High School’s Ecology Club, where we aim to make the school and community a more sustainable and green place with a focus on advocating for environmental awareness and recycling. I’m also part of It’s Our Future (IOF) in hopes of helping other students on their environmental journey and continue promoting awareness through my community as well as worldwide through this step-by-step resource guide.

Katie Stabb

I am a member of the Oak Park River Forest High School Sustainability Scorecard team, which seeks to hold administrators accountable for the goals set out in our ambitious Sustainability Plan. I hope to support students in other districts to pass similarly bold policies! I was also an It’s Our Future delegate to the 2023 UN Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Step 2: Become an Expert

Step 3: Build Power

Step 4: Green Your School

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