Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) works with schools, businesses, institutions, and municipalities to provide support for all steps along a path to zero waste from planning to implementation.


Our Zero Waste Schools Program works with school staff and students to shift operations and minds towards generating zero waste through source reduction, recycling, composting, and food recovery. SGA has piloted composting and recycling programs in Chicago Public Schools, Oak Park D97, River Forest D90, private schools in Oak Park and River Forest, and more. 

SGA is the expert who knows how to bring all stakeholders to the table to design and implement sustainable food waste reduction programs.  Find out about our work supporting municipalities, institutions, businesses in reducing food waste, recovering food for donation, and composting food scraps.

Our broad experience includes everyone from correctional facilities to hospitals to retirement communities.  

Rondout counting down to zero waste

Rondout Elementary School is a small school with big plans– get to zero waste. With washable dishes in the lunchroom and recycling well-established throughout the building, the school was already…

Zero Waste Schools now in Lake County

“I was shocked at how much food was getting thrown away and how much trash was being generated during the lunch period,” Braeside School parent Philippa Dejmal remarked. “Since the…