Broadview, IL – On Wednesday, February 16, business and municipal leaders came together in the Village of Broadview to commit to building out local renewable energy, advancing the village’s sustainability goals and creating a healthier and greener community. An official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing event for the formal Launch of the Broadview Renewable Energy Business Coalition took place at the Iron Workers Local #63 facility. Thirty-five businesses and organizations attended, and five businesses signed the MOU – with more expected to sign on subsequently, securing important commitments for solar installations on business facilities in the village

 “This a public-private collaboration between the Village of Broadview and our business [and] industrial stakeholders to adopt renewable energy technology,” said Broadview’s Mayor, Katrina Thompson, on her Facebook page. “Through this collaboration the business stakeholders will be connected to industry consultants and experts that will guide the process from concept to completion.”

SGA Solar Consultant Mark Burger and SGA Executive Director Gary Cuneen have supported the project through consultations and presentations to business leaders about solar financing and ownership models and potential payback scenarios. This initiative is part of Broadview’s larger sustainability planning and implementation efforts being led by Mayor Thompson and lead sustainability consultant, Darnell Johnson, from the Urban Efficiency Group. The work is being supported by SGA through the PlanItGreen project funded by the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation.

SGA has been working closely with communities and institutions throughout Chicagoland to increase the adoption of solar energy – both onsite installations and community solar subscriptions. SGA’s work in this area includes providing consultations, connections to partners and solar resources, and energy road-mapping, which helps institutions create tangible pathways to meeting substantial greenhouse gas reductions.