What is the Cross Community Climate Collaborative (C4)?

C4 is designed to bring together BIPOC and non-minority communities across income lines to share ideas, secure resources, and drive large-scale projects within and across communities that achieve agreed upon greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions reductions, equity and sustainability goals. The project supports disinvested and resourced communities in West Suburban Cook County through a unique collaboration that prioritizes goal attainment and metrics on a timeline regarding the climate crisis, equity and sustainability. C4 combines:

  • · A cross-community collaboration process
  • · All stakeholder community sustainability team development
  • · Large-scale projects
  • · Resource acquisition
  • · Metrics
  • · Knowledge and resource sharing that avoids reinventing wheels and maximizes result

C4’s Goals

  • · Achieve 45% greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions reductions by 2030 from 2010 levels and 100% reductions by 2050 in accordance with science-based recommendations, and achieve equity and sustainability goals.
  • · Bring resources to traditionally underserved and small communities with an interest in achieving equitable sustainability outcomes.
  • · Drive large-scale projects in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, jobs, workforce development and other community-determined initiatives.
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Gary Cuneen, Executive Director – gary@sevengenerationsahead.org