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 Our Zero Waste Schools Program works with school staff and students to shift operations and minds towards generating zero waste through source reduction, recycling, composting, and food recovery. We provide planning and on-the-ground support for operational changes and educate students and staff about the How and Why of going for zero waste. We connect schools with local partners and opportunities and drive policy changes and infrastructure development that promote zero waste. Zero waste is a path more than it is a result, and SGA’s role lies in meeting schools where they are in the process and supporting the changes needed until zero waste is the new normal for our schools and our next generation of environmental leaders.


Video: The Zero Waste Ambassadors of Holmes Elementary School, Oak Park District 97


Our Zero Waste Curriculum  

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Don't Throw Me Away Zero Waste Curriculum CoverClick on the image to preview a PDF sample of "Don't Throw Me Away Zero Waste Curriculum"

Don't Throw Me Away:
A Zero Waste Curriculum

Grades K-5 activities, but an excellent resource for upper grades
Common Core aligned K-5
Next Generation Science Standards aligned K-5

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