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What are the hurdles as we work towards statewide composting?
What would the economic impact be of a composting industry in Illinois?
Read these two reports and know the facts...



Break Out Session 1 - Food Recovery
Susan Vescovi
Herman Carnie
Kay McKeen

Break Out Session 1 - Local, Sustainable Agriculture
Matt Tansley
Liz Moran Stelk
Brad Liebov

Break Out Session 1 - Research and Business Innovatiom
Jonathan Pereira
Kuldip Kumar
Jason Weeden - no slides
Jim Slama

Idea Challenge
all presentations

Break Out Session 2 - Water Quality Protection
Amy Walkenbach
Lauren Lurkins

Break Out Session 2 - Food Scrap Composting and Soil
Jen Nelson
Duane Friend
Kay McKeen
Walter Willis
Sara Ryan

Collaborative Planning
Jen Walling



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