Taming the Climate Beast with Beauty

Cities will meet the challenges of climate change through many available tools. Reducing carbon emissions through producing cleaner energy; encouraging biking and walking; and reducing landfill waste are just a few. But can cities reduce carbon emissions while also developing as vibrant places where people want to work, play and be healthy? Gordon Gill, partner at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, thinks so. He has created "The Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan," which aims to improve the Loop area's environmental impact while enhancing overall quality of life for residents. "We want to challenge the built environment to be sustainable...but we can't underestimate the value of beauty," said Gill at GreenTown Chicago in May. He pointed to Chicago's wildly successful Millennium Park, which serves as a nexus for residents, workers and visitors to experience the deep pleasures of nature, art and culture in the shadow of the city's skyline. Download Gill's award-winning plan at http://smithgill.com/work/chicago_decarb/