Fresh from the Farm

SGA's nationally-recognized Fresh from the Farm program delivers teacher training on healthy eating, local food, and garden curricula and program activities, and supports in-school program implementation. SGA's farm to school consulting supports school leaders with healthy, locally grown food procurement; implementation of whole school healthy eating strategies and messaging; school garden development; school salad bar implementation; and links to local sustainable farms, farmers, chefs, and food experts.
Visit the Fresh from the Farm web page.

Zero Waste Ambassadors

SGA works with schools and districts to increase recycling, eliminate waste sources, and convert food scraps into compost toward the goal of producing zero waste. Zero Waste Schools is an educational and operations program within schools to support

  •  school-based zero waste team development
  •  waste audits
  •  comprehensive zero waste strategy design
  •  implementation support
  •  field trip design
  •  faculty, student and staff training
  •  communications strategies
  •  measurement

Schools receive guidance, training and support to improve recycling systems, eliminate waste, and make sound procurement decisions through the lenses of sustainability and cost effectiveness. We work to integrate zero waste into the school curriculum and school operations.  See a video of a zero waste school and learn more!

Zero Waste Ambassadors are students within the school community who act as environmental stewards.  They put their zero waste knowledge into action by creating solutions for their school, homes and community.