SGA offers innovative farm to school programsIn 2015, Seven Generations Ahead was selected by the National Farm to School Network to be the State Lead Organization for Farm to School in Illinois. SGA is growing the network, and you can be involved! The Network works on education and programming, policy, marketing and events, local food procurement, and new project development. Sign our Farm to School Pledge to get involved today.

Seven Generations Ahead is dedicated to increasing Farm to School programs across the state through the network and through our Fresh From the Farm program. We know that children who learn to understand the source and nature of their food are the foundation for a healthier tomorrow. This quiet but powerful concept is at the core of Fresh from the Farm (FFF), an educational program of Seven Generations Ahead.

FFF's mission is to grow a culture of healthy eating and environmental awareness among children. SGA has been at the forefront of the Farm to School movement, and is equipped to support your school and district with Farm to School programming. 

Using an engaging, hands-on approach to learning, FFF threads together ecology, healthy eating, organics and local farming through year-round curriculum lessons and activities. SGA's capabilities include:

  • Developing and delivering classroom-ready healthy eating and local foods curricula and programming.
  • Training teachers to implement curriculum modules, and organizing activities and trips.
  • Creating school gardens that connect the magic of nature to classroom learning.
  • Delivering consulting (how to set up a cafeteria salad bar, for example) and resources (connections to local farmers) that support local healthy food access.


Sample Projects

Bringing Garden-based Activities to Communities
SGA brings its innovative programming to limited-resource schools, where children can develop an appreciation for growing and eating their own food, as well as a sense of pride for their creations.

Training Teachers
We multiply our impact by training teachers and health educators throughout the Midwest.

Supporting Schools with Innovative Curricula
Aligned to Common Core standards and the Illinois State Learning Standards, FFF curricula teach grade school and middle school students biology, botany, gardening, nutrition and more.


Consider donating to the Illinois Farm to School Network to support programs that link healthy food with kids across the state!


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