Following a forum in early June hosted by State Sen. Don Harmon (D-39th Dist.), SGA signed on to support the Clean Jobs Bill. Harmon, who represents Oak Park, is the bill’s chief sponsor in the Illinois Senate.

The bill (SB 1485) will increase the state’s energy efficiency policies, expand the current Renewable Portfolio Standard and introduce a carbon cap at the state level that corresponds to pending federal legislation.

A push is on in the state this year to more fully embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy by building an innovative, diverse and clean energy system. Passage of the bill can help put more Illinoisans to work and generate an estimated 32,000 new jobs in the state, according to a report by the Illinois Science and Technology Institute.

SB 1485 will ramp up Illinois’ wind and solar industries and pursue market-based strategies to reduce carbon emissions, create jobs and invest in Illinois, according to the Clean Jobs Coalition.

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