A whopping 87%. That's the reduction in cafeteria landfill waste sixth grade students at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park have achieved in just three short months. Now, only 13 percent of their lunch waste is heading to the landfill, the rest is being recycled or composted.Julian Arbor Day Zero Waste Ambassadors

Big chops go to the sixth grade student ambassadors who oversee the program every day. Who said trash duty wasn't cool? In recognition of their and the school's efforts, the Village of Oak Park planted a beautiful redbud tree on school grounds on Arbor Day (pictured).

Seven Generations Ahead, District 97's parent Green Teams, the Village of Oak Park and the waste hauler all collaborated. "This is a huge leap forward for our community as we engage one of our large middle schools in the zero waste journey," says Gary Cuneen, executive director of Seven Generations Ahead. Now eight of our ten D97 schools have zero waste programs in place.