Bringing Elevate Energy Into More Homes

Boosting residential energy efficiency is a key tool in fighting climate change. PlanItGreen worked with partner Elevate Energy to ramp up promotion of Energy Impact Illinois to Oak Park and River Forest homeowners. Energy Impact Illinois, a "one-stop shop" upfront financing program for energy efficiency upgrades, allows homeowners to pay back loans as savings are realized. PlanItGreen organized a promotions team to develop and implement a series of local outreach strategies, including informational forums, house parties, the launch of meet-and-greet gatherings; presences at fairs and events, and a cable-access infomercial. To date, Oak Park residents hosted 66 house parties, leading to 260 home energy assessments and 157 completed retrofits. The work was so successful that Elevate Energy adapted our "house party" model in communities across Illinois. Elevate Energy estimates that Oak Park & River Forest homeowners have reduced carbon dioxide production by 690,697.95 pounds, which is the equivalent of 336,515 pounds of coal burned or 729 barrels of oil consumed. Residents have saved an estimated total of $62,800 on annual utility costs. Learn more at