sga-news-foodtoogoodtowaste-logoAmericans throw away 44% of all food produced for consumption, according to the USDA. It's a problem that should and can be solved. Beginning in April, Seven Generations Ahead, the Village of Oak Park and the U.S. EPA are piloting a free, two-month program aimed at helping 20 households learn to support sustainability and save money by not wasting food. The "Food: Too Good to Waste" program encourages households to evaluate their grocery shopping, eating out, and cooking habits and learn new food-waste-busting strategies. The Village's curbside composting program, CompostABLE, will be a resource. This summer, Seven Generations Ahead will create a toolkit of best practices based on participants' experiences. The Village of Oak Park will offer the toolkit to all residents of Oak Park and beyond. A household of four is projected to save $30 a week by using the toolkit.

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