When fresh produce is scarce at the corner store, students at Orozco Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood have learned that they can grow the ingredients in the ethnic dishes they love. Guided by Seven Generations Ahead's Fresh From the Farm program, the community took an exciting journey through the lives of plants and into a brand new school garden designed by the students themselves. After exploring their own food culture, Orozco students chose to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, jalapenos, strawberries and herbs. Many students are now tending the garden in a new after school program. The Fresh From the Farm program also held parent programming for a group of very energetic and involved Spanish-speaking parents. We taught them nutrition, healthy eating, shopping and meal preparations and two gardening education lessons. Along with their school garden, these families have cultivated a sense of ownership, respect and pride, as well as new habits for healthy living.

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