Seven Generations Ahead helps communities implement zero waste programsAs landfills reach capacity, Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) promotes planning and implementation that moves communities toward the goal of generating zero waste.

SGA works with schools, municipalities, businesses and community organizations to provide training and support for all steps of the zero waste path, from conducting waste assessments to acquiring funding to guiding strategy implementation.

SGA's capabilities include:

  • Driving residential, commercial and school-based food scrap composting initiatives
  • Designing zero waste plans and facilitating zero waste event training and implementation
  • Implementing SGA's comprehensive Zero Waste Ambassadors program within schools

Sample Projects

Bringing Zero Waste to Schools Education, Curriculum & Operations Changes
We work with district and school leaders to design strategic plans and support implementation in more than 50 schools serving 25,000 children. 

Seven Generations Ahead manages zero waste programs at large outdoor events

Designing Zero Waste Programs Businesses, Institutions & Communities & Communities
SGA conducts waste audits, reviews hauler contracts, educates staff and designs composting programs that generate financial and environmental results for stakeholders. 

Producing Zero Waste Events Community Events
SGA implements and conducts training on producing zero waste community festivals and events, including our own Oak Park Micro Brew Review.

Food Scrap Composting Challenges and Solutions Illinois Food Scrap Coalition (IFSC)
Through the IFSC, SGA designed and is implementing the Food Scrap Composting Challenges and Solutions in Illinois project that aims to create an efficient and cost-effective statewide composting infrastructure.

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