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The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Commercial Composting and Recycling Program is a partnership between Seven Generations Ahead, CPS, and CPS’ hauler Lakeshore Recycling Systems. The program started as a pilot in 5 schools in the 2014-2015 school year. As of November 2017, the program is in 14 schools. 

The program is generously funded by Peoples Gas. Past funders include Boeing, Seabury, and the Full Circle Foundation. THANK YOU!



 10,328 students composting and recycling, educated on How and Why

 1,948 pounds of food scraps, napkins, and lunch trays composted per day

5,353 lunch trays composted per day 

2,718 pounds of materials kept out of landfills per day   

82 percent of all cafeteria and kitchen discards diverted from landfills

6,511 milk cartons recycled per day   

232 pounds of good food recovered per day

376 MTCO2E/year of greenhouse gas emissions avoided through food recovery, recycling, and composting. That’s equivalent to the emissions of burning 42,325 gallons of gasoline per year.


CPS waste audit pie charts 14 schools



Engage a Zero Waste Team at each school
SGA brings together key people in each school (administration, building engineer, custodian, dining manager, teachers, and students) to plan waste reduction strategies, education, and implementation.

Waste audits
SGA (often with students) conducts waste audits of cafeteria and kitchen (baseline and launch day).

SGA provides guidance with the operational changes needed, including determining the number and placement of sorting stations, and coordinating compostable bags and bins and hauling service.

SGA provides customized school-wide education and engagement prior to program, including school-wide assemblies, Zero Waste Ambassador student workshops, planning with and training for custodians, cafeteria supervisors of students, and kitchen staff.


   mitchell student by sorting lineBell assembly 12 8 15

southside 2

NCP students weighing landfill

McAuliffe compost dumpsters 9 11 15   Hamilton girl recording audit dataSolorio ZW TeamSolorio sorting in Mirrors cafe Jan 2016 081Copy of Bell Launch 12 8 15Mitchell bags of sorted waste Fall 2016 169Fall 2016 166Marine oranges from bfast Jan 2016 007

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