FFFlogofinalSGA has been at the forefront of the Farm to School movement, and is equipped to support your school and district with our Fresh From the Farm (FFF) programming. We directly implement our healthy eating curriculum modules in limited-resource schools. 

When fresh produce is scarce at the corner store, students learn that they can grow their own ingredients for delicious and nutritious meals. FFF educators support planning, design and implementation of school gardens, related curricula and tasting activities.

FFF educators deliver programming in gardening, healthy food tastings, nutrition, as well as shopping and meal preparation education for parents. Students and parents enjoy engaging, hands-on experiences that will inform their eating choices for life. 

Some of our school-based offerings include:

  • Local organic farm tours that engage children in hands-on farm activities while teaching them how farmers grow food and protect the natural environment
  • Classroom food tastings and curriculum lessons that introduce children to varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, their nutritional value, cultural uses, and cultivation methods
  • Organic school gardens that engage children in growing food, provide a new context for eating healthy food, and offer a living classroom of nature's life cycles
  • Farmer visits to classrooms that teach children about the farmer's life, connect kids to farmers who grow their food, and nurture respect for growing and eating healthy food
  • Chef cooking demonstrations that teach children how to make simple recipes that incorporate healthy and local farm food while developing an appreciation for food and the art of cooking
  • Parent education that informs parents about healthy eating choices and makes the link between academic success, physical well-being, and eating habits at home
  • School-based composting that completes the natural cycle of growing food, eating food, and converting waste into fertilizer for new food while creating a hands-on learning model for other eco-effective, school-based practices

Teachers: Access our online resources and join our Google group to help you continue your garden and nutrition projects and share ideas and tips with Fresh From the Farm educators and other teachers.

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