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"Oak Park Micro Brew and Food Review"
"What to eat and drink in Chicago this week"
"Oak Park Micro Brew Review draws big list of breweries"
"Craft beer fest draws thousands to downtown Oak Park"
"One recipe, 59 local brewers, tons of good beer: ReplicAle"





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The planning committee, volunteers and vendors worked diligently to make the Oak Park Micro Brew Review a Zero Waste event. Thought was put into everything that would be needed to host this event, and efforts were made to reuse existing materials; source recycled content, recyclable or compostable new materials; and prevent waste from ending in the landfill. All of the food scraps, plates, napkins and spoons were composted. Patrons helped make this event a Zero Waste success by utilizing the Resource Recovery Stations to dispose of used items. Each station had four receptacles for different waste categories: Compostables, Recyclables, Liquids, and Landfill. Volunteers were located at each station to assist with the sorting process and to answer any questions.

For future reference: Zero Waste isn’t just for events. This practice can follow you to your home and business. With a little extra effort, you can begin to move toward zero waste. Contact Seven Generations Ahead if you would like to learn more:

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